It has been a challenging period throughout the COVID lockdown and the associated socio-economic upheaval in Australia and around the globe. However, as the scientists work towards a vaccine, more worrying for our long-term recovery are the frightening events occurring under the Cloak of COVID.

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 This issue highlights the fact that often important elements of corporate governance, in this case, the need to bring independent judgement to board deliberations to ensure that decisions are made in the best interests of the company and not distorted by other agendas, get reduced to to simplistic rules that miss the essence of  what was intended, […]

As we move into an era of pricing carbon the savvy Director has to keep their duties top of mind and their liabilities understood whilst steering clear of the political rabbit holes that eat up valuable time and don’t help with either aim.  ‘Clean Energy Future’ is a carbon pricing mechanism based on a cap […]

The issue of fairness and equity is always important to society but the current debate about the number of women in boardrooms goes beyond that.  Essentially, it is an issue of board performance and effectiveness in the crucial role of decision making and governance.  Why? Good decision making depends on access to good information and […]

You could be forgiven for being a bit shocked about what happened recently in the Centro case ( ASIC v Healy [2011] FCA 717) when not only the board of Centro but all of the financial staff, the CFO, Managing Director and the PWC Audit team missed the fact that about $2 billion dollars of […]

There are two issues at the core of the gender debate and boards: first the underlying issue of equality of women and our right to be treated with fairness and respect; the second is optimising the performance of boards as collective decision making bodies. With regard to the first, it is extraordinary that in 2011 […]

There is always much to learn when things go wrong! No doubt we will continue to gain insights into the global financial crisis and its effects, which companies were vulnerable and those which fared better, and why, for many years. Not that we would want to repeat the experience but it is has provided invaluable […]