Shand & Associates are a specialist law firm

Our expertise

Shand & Associates provides legal, governance and strategic advice and representation to the following industries: Financial services, manufacturing, publishing, agriculture, information technology, construction, medical services, professional services and commercial activities through investigation, consultation, dispute resolution and litigation solutions in Australian and foreign jurisdictions.

In areas where we are not experts Shand & Associates will work with your specialist advisers and, where appropriate, introduce other specialists.

Shand & Associates will act as an orchestra conductor to ensure that you are provided with appropriate advice from all specialists by centralising instructions and information requests to reduce wasted management briefings and contain costs. This allows Shand & Associates to manage your options within your Company’s expertise, your existing professionals’ expertise through calling upon other specialists and allowing you to continue to manage your business.

Your business

In partnership Shand & Associates guides and supports your business minimising negative impact and maximising the positive outcome.

As directors, officers and decision Makers in your commercial enterprise you understand your industry and your business’ place within that industry. You plan and act in the best interests of your enterprise. Occasionally internal and/or external factors derail your plans. What happens then? Decisive action based upon commercially informed strategy is essential to meet your enterprise’s imperatives.

Your strategy

Your strategy must address immediate and long term business optimisation by protecting your reputation from assaults by your competitors and regulatory authorities. Shand & Associates will provide practical commercially orientated advice based upon your Company’s position to achieve the best solution in a modern governance framework.

Your commercial imperative is about your business success and its achievements not about your lawyers’ prominence in those achievements.

Shand & Associates works with you, without fanfare, to achieve your commercial imperative by providing strategic advice and representation so that you can act incisively to enhance and defend your reputation.

Our focus is on providing value added advice for your business development. When your adviser works under the radar your reputation is enhanced.

Your advice

Shand & Associates’ experience in the following industries allows us to recognise the areas in which we have specialist skills.

We do not profess to be experts in all fields. Shand & Associates as a specialist law firm is able to provide access to a network of other specialist service providers including accountants, auditors, tax experts, public relations and specialist providers in Australia and internationally when you require their services. If we cannot provide advice we will source expert professionals who can.